When I was a child, one of my favorite things was opening a brand new box of crayons – 64 glorious colors hidden in a little cardboard box. I loved the limitless variations that were possible. As I got older, even though my wardrobe began to consist of mostly black, I still gravitated toward colorful bits like a raven. Buttons, yarn, fabric, beads, even glass rod… I would take it all home. Color, especially in specific combinations, would affect how I felt about the world, my environment, myself.

Most of my life is about art, which is exactly how I wanted it. When I’m not pursuing crafty endeavors, I love playing pretend with my daughter, cars with my son, and video games with my husband (who just happens to be a video game FX artist.) We share a cozy, colorful, crafty house just outside of Baltimore with two cats, one dog, a fish named Lucky, and way, way too much felt.


Jen has worked around craft for the last 18 years, from selling in galleries to doing display for Anthropologie, and most recently as the Exhibitor Services Director for the Philadelphia Buyers Market of American Craft. Aside from being the head felt-cutter at the littlest bean, she is the co-founder and leader of BEST, a Baltimore-based craft collective.